It is hereby announced that the DAPHNE SHIPPING AGENCY LLC represents solely the management company NAVARONE S.A.

  • NAVARONE S.A. employs Ukrainian masters, officers and crew within the last 15 years. All its fleet-vessels are manned fully by Ukrainian seamen who are receiving a deep respect from the company.

  • NAVARONE S.A. fleets composition is 30 new vessels built between 2008-2012, wheres 6 more newbuilding (of 33.000-55.000mt DWT) are to be delivered within 2014.

  • NAVARONE S.A. is a unity of high reputation throughout of shipping market, where, all seamens allowances are deposited in their account before end of month.

  • The majority of NAVARONE S.A. superiors and staff are highly sea-experienced persons, well-acquainted with key point of shipping sector and they constantly are on their seamens side in every respect, in and out of the vessel, creating so a sound of collaboration for most desirable results.

  • NAVARONE S.A. desires and cared the existence of young generation in their vessels, promoting the seamen upon receipt of their licenses.

  • The capability and good performance of every seaman is fairly awarded by an efficient adopted by the company.

  • The communication standards of NAVARONE S.A. vessels are perfect, offering to all seamen internet and e-mail service, ensuring a direct contract even with their families.

  • NAVARONE S.A. is proud to announce that a lot of seamen with services exceeding 10 years are still under own employment and on the other hand, in view of companys fleet-extension policy with newbuilding vessels, the necessity of securing masters, officers and crew stands always at high levels.

Any reading skillful, capable seaman with interest of developing a career in a warm, friendly and healthy environment should not hesitate to join our company.